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Mistress Erika – Whipping Makes Me Wet


Mistress Erika lashes the slave with her whip. “My panties are getting soaked slave, I’m feeling really horny. I think I’ll whip you ten more times. Beg me for more slave”.

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Mistress Erika, blondes, big breasts, BDSM, female domination, dominatrix, pro domme, femdom, whip, whipping, sjambok, beating, punishment, whipping bench, bondage, wet panties, sjambok, single tail, cane, caning, riding crop

Mistress Ava Black – Thank You Mistress

“I think his left cheek deserves a little more attention” Mistress says and the riding crops land hard on his left butt cheek. “Good boy, back on your knees and face the wall”.


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This week on FemDomFilms Miss Ava Black in films showing, female domination, trampling, ball busting, bondage, CBT, outdoors, whipping, ebony domination, , femdom, crop, riding crop, whip, Richard Steel, flogging, BDSM, slapping, shoe worship, fetish shoes, stilettos, BDSM, small cock humiliation, rack, dungeon, NT, CBT and nipple torture

Miss Ava Black – Worship My Shoes and Latex

“kiss My shoes slave. Now crawl over there and fetch the latex polish. You are to shine my latex until I can see my face in it. And my cane will kiss your ass for every minute it takes you to do it”.


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Want to download over 100 hours of video plus 2,290 sexy images for an all inclusive price of $19.95? Then join our members area.

This week on FemDomFilms Miss Ava Black, shoe worship, latex polishing, outdoors, ebony female domination, interracial, BDSM, femdom, latex, ebony shoe worship, rubber fetish, shoe kissing, humiliation, slapping, big booty, stud, Richard Steel, whipping, riding crop

Lady Bellatrix’s Slave Training School – Sjambok Whipping

on FemDomFilms pay per download film Lady Bellatrix whips a slave into obedience with her sjambok

Humbled and Whipped

I’m the beautiful and very cruel Lady Bellatrix and today you can buy my Slave Training School sjambok whipping lesson as a pay per download.

Bent over in the stocks, balls trapped in a humbler, he has no choice other than to endure the painful whipping I’m dealing out

Lady Bellatrix – Sjambok Whipping

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Slave Training CP with Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix uses her sjambok on a slave

This week on FemDomFilms CP slave training with Lady Bellatrix using a sjambok on her slave plus we’ve got more single tail whipping with the Hunteress.

There’s bi training with Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Miranda, and a new small cock humiliation MP3 from Mistress Rebecca.

Our story this week is Milk Maids, with two Dommes using their slave as a milk cow. The first one milks him without difficulty, but the second one experiences trouble with the flow, she soon thinks of a solution, much to the slave’s horror and the Dommes’ amusement

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Meet The Mistresses – Mistress Rebekka Raynor

That's a very small cock slave!

This week on FemDomFilms, Meet The Mistresses with Mistress Rebekka Raynor, face sitting and trampling with Lady Bellatrix, whipping with The Hunteress, Bi with Mistress Miranda and Rebekka Raynor, London Brothel – a story about domination from the 19th century, plus a unique MP3 from Mistress Rebecca Winter.

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Skin Two North in Leeds UK

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The Hunteress, Mistress Chatterley and Tallulah Tease

The Hunteress expects obedience

Final clip of The Hunteress shows her in action with her vicious single tail whips.

Its a double whipping for her slave as The Hunteress reminds him of the penalties for flouting her rules and inflicts a hard whipping using two single tail whips at the same time, one in her right hand and one in her left

We’ve also got hot feminisation action with Mistress Chatterley and Tallulah Tease transforming a man into a feminised slut with blonde wig, big tits and sexy garter belt and stockings. He’s then instructed to worship Mistress Tallulah’s boots and thrown over the bed where his balls and ass are introduced to Mistress Chatterley’s boot heels.

Plus Mistress Rebekka Raynor subjecting military recruits to digital penetration and Mistress Velour giving a disobedient member of staff a good hard caning.

And we’ve got our story, Wendy Whiplash, Domme Detective

Mistress Rebecca’s diary is about the new shoot with Mistress Velour so we will soon have more amazing action for you from this very popular Mistress

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Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Akella – Savage CP

This week is CP week on FemDomFilms, with whippings, canings, spankings, paddlings and floggings.

We’ve got the Hunteress and her single tail whip in a brand new photo gallery area, a new Goddess Cleo and Mistress Ava Black film of a double domme flogging and paddling. Mistress Rebekka Raynor hand spanking a naughty slave and a film of Madame Caramel punishing her slave with a nice whippy cane.


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