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Mistress Tiffany’s Cum Command


Miss Tiffany Naylor smothers her bound victim with her stocking feet “Release that hot jizz slave, I’m commanding you to cum.” The slave cums profusely all over his belly.

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Mistress Jezabel’s Dirty Stockings

Mistress Jezabel's dirty stocking

Mistress Jezabel’s dirty stockings

I’m the blonde and I’m vicious, I’m Mistress Jezabel and I’ve been having a long hard day on my feet at the Villa Domina, keeping an eye on my idiot slave and making sure he does the work.

Come here slave, my feet are tired, take my shoes off and massage them. Yes my stockings are very dirty and smelly, rub your nose on them.

Gooood boy. Sniff that rich footy aroma, rub your nose on my stocking toes. Oh what a dirty foot slut you are slave Andrew, you have no shame at all.

You must be punished for your depravity, a thwack around the head with my three foot shoe horn for you slave! Lie on the floor. On your back stupid! so I can cover your nose and mouth with my dirty feet.

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Lady Bellatrix – Ass Worship at Villa Domina

Lady Bellatrix Ass Worship on FemDomFilms

I’m Lady Bellatrix. I’m beautiful, I’m slim and I’m very, very dominant. I’m wearing fishnet stockings, sexy lingerie and a gorgeous new pair of fetish shoes.

Where is a slave when I need one? I soon find one because I crave slaves like other women crave chocolate. I put a leash on him and shove my stockinged feet in his mouth, gagging him with them, tickling his tonsils with my toes.

Now slave I want more from you. Much more. You are to worship my divine ass. I grab his head and bury it between my butt cheeks

Come inside and see the beautiful Lady Bellatrix in action

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