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Mistress Erika’s Human Ashtray


“Turn around slave”. Mistress removes the ashtray gag and spits in the slave’s mouth and stubs her cigarette out on his tongue. “Hold and swallow on the count of five”.

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Ebony Domination with Gorgeous BBW Mistress Esme

Mistress Esme's Face Sitting film now as pay per download

Bondage Face Sitting

Its time for Interracial domination with gorgeous BBW Goddess Mistress Esme

Mistress Esme orders her slave to be her human ashtray. After she’s finished enjoying her cigarette she secures him firmly to her tilting bondage board and and subjects him to bound face sitting, cock torture and anal.

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Thursday January 14th
Mistress Esme – Eat My Cigarette Ash (wmv file)

Friday January 15th
Mistress Esme Bondage Suspension (HD Film)

Saturday January 16th
Mistress Esme Bondage Suspension (wmv file)

Sunday January 17th
Mistress Esme – Bondage Face Sitting (HD Film)

Monday January 18th
Mistress Esme – Bondage Face Sitting (wmv Film)

Tuesday January 19th
Mistress Esme – Cock Torture Bondage Suspension (HD film)

Wednesday January 20th
Mistress Esme – Cock Torture Bondage Suspension (HD film)

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Mistress Esme’s Smokin Hot Fetish

Now on FemDomFilms as pay per download Mistress Esme's human ashtray

Mistress Esme’s Human Ashtray

I’m beautiful, I’m big, I’m black, I’m BBW Mistress Esme and today you can buy the second part of my smoking fetish film as a pay per download. I’m evening up the balance with a bit of interracial domination. Yes that’s all he’s fit for – being used as my human ashtray.

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Mistress Esme Eat My Ash Part 2

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Mistress Esme – Ashtray Slave

Now on FemDomFilms Mistress Esme;s ashtrya slave

Open wide for Mistress

I’m Mistress Esme and right now I’m enjoying a cigarette

Come here slave, and open your mouth – inhale my smoke – good boy now thank me.

Silly boy, I’ve not done anything – yet. A little heat never hurt anybody.

Open wide for Mistress and swallow like a good little slave

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Mistress Esme

Mistress Esme and bound slave dildo worship on FemDomFilms

I’m Mistress Esme and I’m a professional dominatrix from North London UK. Men adore me. They love my pretty face, big, beautiful curves, gorgeous golden skin and my lovely laughing personality.

This is the first time I’ve filmed with FemDomFilms and you can see the first of my new film series inside the members area. Part 1 is smoking fetish and my slave is privileged to inhale my smoke and chew on my dog ends, will I tease and torment him with hot ash just where he’s most sensitive

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