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Miss Velour – Slave Humbler

Miss Velour turns up the level on the electrics while the slave grunts and moans. “Get me the strap-on Rubette I want to fuck this slave up the ass. No cuming – understand slave? Good”


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This week on FemDomFilms Miss Velour in hardcore BDSM with Female Domination, femdom, latex, bondage, BDSM, bondage, suspension, electrics, humbler, electric play, CBT, double arm binder, strap-on, dildo fucking, anal pegging, ass to mouth, nipple clamps, pegging, gag, gagging

Lady Bellatrix’s Slave Training School – Sjambok Whipping

on FemDomFilms pay per download film Lady Bellatrix whips a slave into obedience with her sjambok

Humbled and Whipped

I’m the beautiful and very cruel Lady Bellatrix and today you can buy my Slave Training School sjambok whipping lesson as a pay per download.

Bent over in the stocks, balls trapped in a humbler, he has no choice other than to endure the painful whipping I’m dealing out

Lady Bellatrix – Sjambok Whipping

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Lady Bellatrix’s Slave Training School – Humbled and Flogging

Lady Bellatrix puts a slave in the stocks and humbler and flogs his ass

Lady Bellatrix’s Slave Training School

I’m the beautiful and very cruel Lady Bellatrix and you can now see my Humbler and Flogging lesson at my Slave Training School as a pay per download.

I’ve secured the slave’s head in the stocks and his balls in my humbler. Now click on the link below to see me flogging his ass in my free film clip

Lady Bellatrix – Flogging

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Mistress Chatterley’s Rack – Humbler and CBT

Humbled by Mistress Chatterley on FemDomFilms

I’m gorgeous blonde Pro Domme Mistress Chatterley and I’m looking my sexy latex best.

The photo above is from one of my previous films – but inside FemDomFilms members area you can see my latest film.

I adore putting my slaves into heavy bondage and my new film shows me tormenting I’ve secured to my rack with leather straps and chains. He’s wearing a hood with breathing tube and I’m putting a humbler on his balls. He is completely immobilized and I enjoy myself tormenting his cock with my pinwheel. “you’re a wuss” I tell him as he wriggles and groans

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Mistress Juliette de Sade – Slave Wanker Punishment

Mistress Juliette de Sade uses a humbler on her slave's cock

I’m Mistress Juliette de Sade and you can see me in the FemDomFilms members area in my new film series Slave Wanker Punishment. Not only has my slave been wanking without my permission, he had the nerve to wank over my latex costume. I’m punishing his badly behaved cock with a humbler – a humble slave is a good slave in my opinion.

Mistress Claudia and Mistress Rebekka Raynor – Military Training

Mistress Claudia drills the men with star jumps

We’ve another great action film for fans of Fem Domme Military with Mistress Claudia and Mistress Rebekka Raynor weighing down the men’s nipples with clamps and weights and ordering them to do star jumps.

The men looked ridiculous with their naked cocks flopping up and down, giving both the Dommes and the female film crew a good laugh

We’ve also got Mistress Chatterley securing her slave’s balls into a humbler, which locks him into the ideal position for worshipping her strap-on cock, Mistress Juliette de Sade ordering her husband to suck dildo and cock and Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo spit roasting their novice slave.

On femdom plus we’ve got Mistress Rebecca telling you about last week’s film shoot with Mistress Chatterley and Tallulah Tease. Lucky slave Sam (our latest slave recruit) enjoyed the attentions of the two ladies, we’ve also got our Fem Domme story

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