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Mistress Tiffany’s Butt Smothered Cuckold


“You like me sitting on your face you dirty boy, you’re leaking all over the bed. Now I’m going to cuckold you with my stud and if you’re really lucky I’ll sit on your face afterwards”

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Mistress Ava’s Hogtied Cuckold

Mistress Ava hogties cucky hubby on FemDomFilms

Hogtied Cucky

I’m black, I’m beautiful, I’m Mistress Ava and I deserve the best. That’s why I got married to a rich old man, so I could enjoy the good things in life. But who’d want to have sex with a rich old man? Not me that’s for sure. So I’ve got a stud of a lover with a big hard cock.

I’m looking gorgeously sexy in my fishnets stockings and satin panties. My lovely firm brown breasts are completely bare. Stupid hubby is overcome with lust. He thinks this is for him but I’ve invited my stud home for sex.

First I need to make sure hubby doesn’t spoil our fun. I’ve got his useless cock in chastity, telling him its to make it good and hard for me. Now I’m tying him up, roping his wrists and ankles together in a hogtie.

I lean over him, my gorgeous pouting lips just inches from his face, and whisper that I’m going to be back in just a minute.

Come inside and watch my new cuckolding film. You can also see my new photo gallery with my stud using his cock to humiliating my cucky husband

Mistress Ava Black – Cuckoldry

Mistress Ava cuckolds her husband

As you you can probably see from my photo, I’m young, fit and gorgeous. And the older guy in the photo? That’s my husband.

Why did I marry him?

Well take a guess – yes you got it in one, he’s rich, and I wanted his money.

I’ve never let him have sex with me of course, the very thought gives me the cold shudders. When I want something particularly expensive I tell him it will be sex tonight and once he’s bought it, oh dear, I’ve got a headache.

But a girl can’t live by designer bags along, lovely though they are, she needs something more, she needs a stud lover with a nice big cock.

So its cuckoldry time at Chez Ava and this week you can see me tying up cucky while promising him sex.

In his dreams! Ha ha.

And you can also download my new photo gallery of bondage cucky photos

Mistress Chatterley – New Film Shoot

Mistress Juliette de Sade cuckolds her husband with her stud

Mistress Juliette de Sade in Cruel Cuckoldry

FemDomFilms welcomes in the new year with a new film shoot from Mistress Chatterley. This is a dungeon session film shoot with the slave being put through his paces by the redoubtable Mistress Chatterley.

We’ve also got action from Mistress Miranda and Rebekka Raynor, Mistress Evelyn and Mistress Juliette de Sade in bi humiliation, sissy feminisation and cuckold.

Plus there’s a new story, Teeth of the Hydra, and Mistress Rebecca mocking your cock in this week’s MP3

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Mistress Juliettede de Sade – Bi Cuckold Spit Roasting

 Mistress Juliette de Sade and Richard Steel In Bi Stud Cuckoldry

This week on FemDomFilms, Mistress Juliette de Sade in Bi Stud Cuckoldry with cucky hoisted in a sling for a thorough spit roasting by Mistress and her stud lover. Mistress gags cucky with her strap-on dildo while her stud gives the cuckold a good hard anal fucking.

We’ve also got medical with Cruel Nurse Chatterley, the entire scene consisting of extreme anal investigations by ruthless Mistress Chatterley

Plus we’ve got new photo galleries from Lady Bellatrix and Mistress Evelyn and Mistress Rebecca writing about a new bi film clips with Mistress Ava Black and stud Richard Steel and we’ve got our story Mistress Mirelle – Lightning Queen.

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Mistress Juliete de Sade Bi Stud Cuckoldry – Double Cock Oral

Mistress Juliette de Sade prepares her cuckold for double oral action

Mistress de Sade is living up to her name as she informs her husband that he is to to suck her stud lover’s cock and her strapon cock together. He soon finds his mouth very full indeed in Bi Stud Cuckold.

We’ve also got Cruel Nurse Chatterley, with Mistress Chatterley wearing a gorgeous latex nurse outfit (her lovely breasts are very much on display) while she performs medical investigations on her patient’s cock.

And there are new photo galleries showing Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black, Mistress Akella and Dominatrix V in smokin hot femdom foot worship action and interrogation images

Plus Mistress Rebecca writes about a session and there’s our story, Wendy Whipsnake, Domme Detective.

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Mistress Juliette de Sade and Bi Cuckoldry

Mistress de Sade gives a feminised slut deep throat training

This week on Femdomfilms ‘Mistress’s Cock Sucking Whore’ Mistress Juliette de Sade gets her useless cuck of a husband to suck her stud’s cock to creamy completion. The stud loves it so Mistress gives him a further treat by putting an ‘O’ ring gag in cucky’s mouth for bi deep throat training

Meet the Mistresses – Mistress Tallulah Tease – we’re welcoming Mistress Tallulah back to femdomfilms in a brand new film shoot.

Lady Bellatrix cruelly humiliating her two ex husbands, and Mistress Chatterley sadistically torturing her slave


Wendy Whipsnake is hot on the trail of her missing slave and Mistress Rebekka Winter tells you about her favourite film fantasy (and she’s off to meet Mistress Tytania)

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Mistress Juliette de Sade – cuckoldry

Mistress Juliette de Sade has brought a stud home to fuck her and cuckold her husband

This week we’ve got Mistress Juliette de Sade bringing her virile stud friend home for a good fucking. Mistress Juliette orders her husband downstairs so that she and her stud can enjoy a good laugh at his expense

Mistress Juliette ties her wimpy little cuckold to the bannisters outside their room and tells him what fun she’s going to have with her stud’s cock

We’ve also got great new galleries with Miss Velour, bending a sexist employee over her desk for a good hard caning and Mistress Evelyn humiliating a sissy by making him suck a pacifier

Plus this week\’s great story, The Work Camp, with a foolish sub volunteering to help out a couple of sadistic Dommes by working in their garden, plus Mistress Rebecca’s diary, she’s writing about plans for new films including one with Amber Leigh.


We’ve got fifteen sensational all new uploads for for Christmas week starting 24th December. We’ve got Lady Bellatrix, Dominatrix V, Mistress Miranda, Mistress Rebecca Raynor, The Hunteress and Mistress Chatterley, special new Xmas photo galleries from the gorgeous Mistress Ava Black, a special Xmas story written especially for FemDomFilms and Xmas greetings from Mistress Rebecca.

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Mistress’s Juliette de Sade’s Little Cuckold

Wimpy cuckold takes a beating

Mistress Juliette de Sade’s obedience training her cuckold, using a metal studded paddle on his bare ass by way of encouragement. He’s compelled to agree he’s worthless and wish her a ‘lovely night out’

She delivers the final blow to his cock and balls, well they’re no use to her are they? Just listen to that wretched little cuckold scream!

We’ve got Mistress Rebecca’s latest MP3 waiting inside for you, you’re being dressed in a boudoir bustier, plus we’ve also got Mistress Rebecca’s latest diary entry

And we’ve also got The Hunteress viciously cropping her slave’s cock and balls and Madame Caramel in our latest photo galleries

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Skin Two North Saturday 1st September 2012

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