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Strapon Jane – Chained and Caned

“You are to count slave and if you lose count then I will start again from the beginning – understand?” “Yes Mistress”

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This week on FemDomFilms

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Miss Velour – Filming Slaves’ Dungeon Humiliation

Miss Velour attaches surgical clamps to the slave’s foreskin. “I want to fix as many on as possible”. The slave gasps in pain – “I’ve hardly started”. She attaches another and another and pulls on the clamps as the slave screams and howls.


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This week on FemDomFilms the beautiful but deadly Miss Velour in hardcore BDSM with caning, CBT, femdom, bondage, bondage device, suspension, weights, surgical clamps, cock suspension, foreskin clamping, medical clamps, shoe worship.

Behind The Scenes BDSM With Miss Velour

Gorgeous lifestyle Pro Domme Miss Velour is getting ready for the film shoot. Her slaves have made a bad job of cleaning her dungeon and have been outside while inappropriately dressed. Miss Velour takes time off from getting ready to deliver a well deserved caning to the pair of them.


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Themes this week are

Miss Velour – bondage, chains, hoods, FemDom, humiliation, cleaning, dungeon, bondage device, latex fetish, BDSM, humiliation, caning, punishment

Painful Pleasures with Miss Velour on FemDomFilms

The enchanting Miss Velour has been biting and tormenting her slave’s nipples. He took this well so he’s permitted to worship Miss Velour’s divine seamed stockings and high heeled stiletto shoes. But there’s a price to pay – Miss Velour is standing on the chain that joins his nipple clamps together.

“Higher slave, higher” the slave attempts kissing further up her delicious legs but it causes him excruciating pain. Miss Velour laughs as he suffers in his attempts to serve her.

More pain in store for the slave because he repeatedly ignored Miss Velour’s orders to bring her a coffee, so now its 36 hard thwacks from her nasty whippy cane – and Miss Velour hits very hard indeed. The slave’s ass is soon covered with burning purple welts, which Miss Velour cools down by rubbing her delicious stocking legs up and down his sore butt.

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Mistress Claudia’s Small Cock Caning

Mistress Claudia beats inadequate male slaves with her whippy cane

Its time for all men with small useless cocks to be bound securely over benches and get their bare asses flogged, whipped and caned for daring to use these to annoy women.

Know you place slave because if you have the cheek to approach a superior female like Mistress Claudia with your pathetic apology for a cock, she will treat you as you deserve, by spanking, flogging and caning your sorry ass

Check out the links below as they go live to see how such men are treated

Saturday 31st October 2015
Mistress Claudia – Spanking

Sunday 1st November 2015
Mistress Claudia – Flogging

Monday 2nd November 2015
Mistress Claudia – Caning

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Miss Velour Canes A Sexist Employee

Miss Velour punishes a sexist employee with a caning

Happy New Year from FemDomFilms and to welcome in the new year we’ve got your favourite office fantasy.

Two men have been caught being sexist and their female boss, Miss Velour, is making them appreciate what its like being used as a sexual object.

They’re told to drop their pants, get their cocks inspected, and then told o crouch bare ass naked under her desk while she works.

She’s got them on leashes, one of which leads to an anal butt plug deeply inserted in an embarrassed employee’s ass hole

Its punishment time. Miss Velour bends one of them over her desk, bare ass up, butt plug still in place and brings her cane slashing down on his quivering buttocks, again and again.

For booty worship fans we’ve got a new Madame Caramel gallery, Lick My Big Black Ass White Boy, plus a new gallery of Mistress Chatterley and we’ve got New Year’s greetings for you from Mistress Rebecca Winter in her latest diary entry

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Strictly Gorgeous Mistress Chatterley

Get to meet the gorgeously strict and strictly gorgeous Mistress Chatterely in our Meet The Mistresses Area on FemDomFilms. We’ve just uploaded a new film of Mistress Chatterley, talking to camera and to the lucky slave she’s been dominating all afternoon …

Plus we’ve also got a new film with Madame Caramel cropping and caning slave Jimmy …

… a new photo gallery of Countess de Jager, using CBT on her bound slave with the crocodile grips from her hair … Continue reading ‘Strictly Gorgeous Mistress Chatterley’

Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Akella – Savage CP

This week is CP week on FemDomFilms, with whippings, canings, spankings, paddlings and floggings.

We’ve got the Hunteress and her single tail whip in a brand new photo gallery area, a new Goddess Cleo and Mistress Ava Black film of a double domme flogging and paddling. Mistress Rebekka Raynor hand spanking a naughty slave and a film of Madame Caramel punishing her slave with a nice whippy cane.


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New Film – Cruel and Unusual Punishment with The Hunteress

The Hunteress is having wicked fun at her slave’s expense and he’s getting a caning in the worst possible way.

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Liz and Keisha

Countess de Jager gives twenty-six of the best

The Countess de Jager is punishing her slave with a caning. Bend over, count, and thank me for each one.

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