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Mistress Ava Black’s Spit and Polish

“Your tiny brain doesn’t seem to be working. I think what you need is My essence inside you. I am going to spit on my thigh boots boots and you are going to lick it off.”


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This week on FemDomFilms – Miss Ava Black in films showing female domination, femdom, spitting, ebony domination, boot domination, thigh boots, fetish boots, PVC, boot worship, boot licking. BDSM. phlegm, face slapping

Lady Bellatrix – Lick My Boots Loser

While your working Monday to Friday plus overtime, I’m working hard at spending your hard earned money on getting my nails done and buying lovely leather thigh boots. When you come home you carry on working, cleaning my thigh boots with your tongue.


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Want to download over 100 hours of video plus 2,290 sexy images for an all inclusive price of $19.95? Then join our members area

Themes this week are POV, chastity, small cock humiliation, thigh boots, boot worship, findom, upskirt, long nails, CBT, cuckold, female domination and CBT,

Mistress Chatterley – Divine Ass Tease

Film preview above shows Mistress Chatterley in Lesbian Military Fucking. Click HERE for more free previews

I’m beautiful blonde dominatrix Mistress Chatterley and this week I’m wearing my gorgeous tight silver latex catsuit and thigh high leather boots. I’m also wearing my strap-on cock. I release my slave from the cage and order him to polish my leather boots with his tongue, then I stuff my strap-on dildo down his throat and give his face a good hard pegging.

That’s just the beginning. Then I really get to work on him, subjecting him to bondage, cock tease, bare ass flogging, cock and ball torture, clamps, ball busting, weights, and nipple and ball stretching.

I want his cock hard so I permit him to fondle my divine ass, then once he’s stiff I clamp his cock between my delicious rubber clad thighs and tease and massage it, driving him into a frenzy.

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Gorgeous Thigh Booted Lady Bellatrix Owns Your Cock

Lady Bellatrix in Human Garburator available now in our members area and as a pay per download clip.

All this week on FemDomFilms – daily film uploads of the gorgeous Lady Bellatrix at Villa Domina. Crawl to her on your hands and knees slave, your reporting to Mistress for chastity POV training.

Other films this week show Lady Bellatrix in gorgeous thigh high leather boots in our boot worship and spitting film series.

Daily Film uploads

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Lady Bellatrix – Stiletto Boot Worship POV

POV black leather boot worship with FemDomFilms
Beautiful Lady Bellatix is sitting on her sofa – where are you slave? You’re late! You were nervous and hung around outside the door. Now you’re in trouble slave. Crawl on your hands and knees to Mistress, begging for forgiveness and the privilege of licking her gorgeous boots clean for her

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Miss Velour in Boot Licking Cock Torment on FemDomFilms

New Miss Velour film as vod on FemDomFilms Boot Licking Cock Torment

This Friday we’ve got another film for you from the beautiful Miss Velour as vod.

Miss Velour sits on her slave, pinning him down by the arms with her stiletto boots, and thwacks his nipples with her riding crop while making him worship her boots. Then for a change she sits on his face while beating his cock.

This film is also available in our members area.

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Mistress Tallulah Tease – Trampling and Boot Worship

Now on FemDomFilms Mistress Tallulah Tease jabs her boot heels into her slave's naked flesh

I’m Tallulah Tease and this week I’m trampling my slave with my gorgeous thigh high stiletto boots and making him lick those cruel heels I’m jabbing into his naked flesh

You can also see Mistress Claudia and Rebekka Raynor at the Anal Academy as they subject slave recruits to a rigorous exercise program and Mistress Chatterley training her slave to be her complete cock worshipper

Also this week Mistress Rebecca is starting her new bi training series of MP3s, turning you into a whore for her amusement and she’s got a big black stud to break you in

This week’s story is about Belinda Bullwhip, whose speciality is whipping men while completely naked herself

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Lady Bellatrix at Villa Domina in Spain

Lady Bellatrix dominates a slave at Villa Domina in Spain

I’m Lady Bellatrix and I combine beauty with erotic sadism.  FemDomFilms filmed me in Spain and you can see the first of these films inside the members area. just click on instant access to find out what happens to slaves at Villa Domina.

New this week Mistress Tallulah in sissy boot worship training and Mistress Chatterley anally exploring a slave using electric butt plug and outsize strapon dildo

Plus boot worship with Mistress Rebecca’s latest MP3, and her new diary update

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Lady Bellatrix in Boot Worship POV

POV black leather boot worship with FemDomFilms

This week on FemDomFilms we’ve got a boot worship POV film for you with the beautiful Lady Bellatrix, plus exciting action at the Anal Academy with Mistresses Rebekka Raynor and Claudia as the officers in charge of three new recruits; and Miss Velour in ultra humiliating office bi cock sucking photos.

Our FemDom story this week is Crocodile Tears and we’ve also got a new diary entry from Mistress Rebecca about her proposed trip to Spain to join us at a film shoot

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Mistress Tallulah Tease and Cruel Nurse Chatterley

Mistress Tallulah Tease instructs a slave in boot worship

This week on FemDomFilms Mistress Tallulah instructs her slave in the correct way to worship her shiny thigh high boots and puts him in heavy leather bondage, and Cruel Nurse Mistress Chatterley subjects her unfortunate patient’s cock to thorough medical investigations

Plus we’ve got a new photo gallery from Mistress Evelyn as she overpowers her friend’s disobedience husband, and he finds he is on his journey back to being a good little sissy

We’ve also got more from the gorgeous dominatrix Mistress Ava in powerful bi training photos.

Our story this week Tag Wrestling with two powerful dominatrix hurling two weedy males around the arena

And Mistress Rebecca’s diary, she’s writing about a recent trip to Velvet Tongue

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