Dommes and subs for filming

Contact us on enquiries(at) replacing (at) with @

We shoot films on either a content sharing basis or can provide you with exclusive content

Content Sharing

We shoot the films and also take still photos and model ID. In return for your signing a model release sharing the content with us, you get

Photographic stills and the model ID
One set of compressed film films (this can be in any size or format you want – if you don’t specify we will give you the full size MPegs as they are the most popular

Your copies of the films will have whatever information you want on them. For example your banner and URL. Our banner and URL does not appear on your copies.

If you want us to film you on a content sharing basis you need to be willing to pose for photos so that we can use these to promote our versions of the films (you will receive all copies of the photos)

Exclusive Content

we can make films for you which you can have as exclusive content. Our fee for this is £25 per hour plus expenses. You can have the films shot, edited and compressed or just shot, whichever you prefer. Edited compressed footage is provided on a DVD. If you want the edited but uncompressed footage and the unedited footage you will need to provide a portable hard drive to put this on as the file sizes are far too large for either DVDs, flash drives, ftp uploading or file sharing services.

If you decide later on that you want exclusive rights over your content we can provide this in return for reimbursement of our costs and expenses. What these are will depend on how much time we spent on making your films.


To be in a film you need to be over 18 years of age and have either a current passport or a photocard driving license (for US compliance purposes)

If you have premises we can shoot the film there. If you do not have premises then you will need to hire somewhere for the film. We can suggest some venues if you do not know of any

We can either use your slaves for the shoot, or we can provide these. We do not charge slaves for being in films. If you charge slaves for being in films then you must recruit these yourself and not ask our slaves for a fee.

If you recruit fee paying film slaves then we reserve the right to bring along one non-fee paying slave due to the high number of no shows amongst fee paying ones.

Most popular subjects for films are toilet training, bi training, face sitting, body worship and cuckoldry. You don’t have to make films of these subjects, choice of film subject matter is at your discretion

You can see the various Mistresses who’ve already made films with us on our Tour page

Male subs

If you would like to be in one of our films please send us two photos of yourself fully clothed, One of your face one full length. No family members or pets in the photo please. Send these to info(at) replacing the (at) with @

Please read the following information

No fees are paid to nor do we provide accommodation or travel expenses.
You need to be age between 21 and 55
Not be overweight
Have a current passport or a photocard driving license for US compliance purposes
You can bring a hood with you to wear on the film set if you don’t want your face appearing in the films and photos
Male subs who’ve not filmed with us before must pay a deposit of £55. £50 of the deposit is refundable provided you turn up at the agreed time and location with the correct ID. £5 is the admin charge and is not refundable

Female subs

We can also provide you with content sharing if you join in a film with a Mistress as a female sub. You need to have been born biologically female to qualify for this however!
You need to be over 18
And have a current passport or a photocard driving license
and sign a model release

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