Mistress Jezabel – Pain in Spain

Mistress Jezabel whips Slave Andrew
I’m Mistress Jezabel and I’m supposed to be relaxing at the Villa Domina in Spain. However the slave who is supposed to be serving me is totally incompetent. I call him into my presence and list his shortcomings. He grovels stupidly which only aggravates me further.

“You do realise you must be punished for these don’t you slave?!”

“Yes Mistress” he bleats

“Bend over the sofa”

I take a look at my target. Not good. His ass crack is showing – repulsive!

I point this out and he hauls up his shorts. His cock and balls falling out in the process. Furious at the disgusting sight I whale away at his butt with my three foot shoe horn, while he writhes, moans and snivels. A really painful experience which he well deserves.

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Three Mistresses this week on FemDomFilms

Lady Bellatrix Ball Busting

Lady Bellatrix Ball Busting

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Mistress Esme’s Enormous Strapon Cock

Mistress Esme Strapon film on FemDomFilms

I’m BBBW Mistress Esme and I love big cocks. The bigger the better. Are you sub enough to take my outsize dildo?

Or how about some face sitting? I do love securing a slave to my bondage board, tilting it so that the slave’s face as at a convenient height, then placing my big, beautiful buttocks on the slave’s face with my full weight on top of his lips and mouth. How does he breath? Well who wants oxygen when they could be enjoying Mistress Esme’s odour instead?

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Mistress Juliette de Sade – Your Cock is My Toy

Mistress Juliette's pin cushion

Mistress Juliette’s pin cushion

I’m the lovely Mistress Juliette de Sade and I’m looking my gorgeous best today in shiny black latex catsuit and tight red corset.

I’ve got a new slave trembling before me. Well may he be frightened, because I’m sadistic by name and by nature.

Your cock is mine slave. Mine to do with as I please. Its my toy. And what I’m going to do with my toy is turn it into a pin cushion. Yes slave, its time for needle play.

Soon I’m pushing needles through his cock and through his ball sack.

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Mistress Ava’s Hogtied Cuckold

Mistress Ava hogties cucky hubby on FemDomFilms

Hogtied Cucky

I’m black, I’m beautiful, I’m Mistress Ava and I deserve the best. That’s why I got married to a rich old man, so I could enjoy the good things in life. But who’d want to have sex with a rich old man? Not me that’s for sure. So I’ve got a stud of a lover with a big hard cock.

I’m looking gorgeously sexy in my fishnets stockings and satin panties. My lovely firm brown breasts are completely bare. Stupid hubby is overcome with lust. He thinks this is for him but I’ve invited my stud home for sex.

First I need to make sure hubby doesn’t spoil our fun. I’ve got his useless cock in chastity, telling him its to make it good and hard for me. Now I’m tying him up, roping his wrists and ankles together in a hogtie.

I lean over him, my gorgeous pouting lips just inches from his face, and whisper that I’m going to be back in just a minute.

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Miss Velour’s Dildo Flogger Anal Fucking

Miss Velour's new film on FemDomFilms

Miss Velour will see you now

I’m gorgeous Italian Dominatrix, Miss Velour and this week you can see me in the final film of my Night Demon film series. Its truly an nightmare for my unfortunate victim as I invade his dreams. I’ve left my giant butt plug up his ass for hours and hours and now I remove it. He wriggles and moans and makes a fuss – but what goes in must come out.

Giant butt plug removed, I flog his ass for daring to complain and shove my flogger handle up his butt hole and fuck him with it.

Submit to me slave! I am the boss woman!

I flog him again, then fuck him until he is completely broken. He submits to ass to mouth as he cleans my whip handle.

New Film – Mistress Tiffany Flogs Her Slave

Mistress Tiffany's new flogging film on FemDomFilms

Mistress Tiffany prepares to flog her slave

I’m the lovely, but very savage, Mistress Tiffany. I’ve got a slave with me and he’s earning his stripes. By which I mean I’ve secured him very firmly to my cross and I’m whipping his ass with my flogger until I decide he’s had enough.

Yes that’s right, I decide. And you know why that is? Its because I’m the Mistress

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Lady Bellatrix’s New Ball Busting Film

Ball Busting with Lady Bellatrix

Ball Busting with Lady Bellatrix

I know I’ve got a big following amongst you worthless submissive males, you adore my slim elegance, my dark beauty, my cruel contempt.

Well this week I’ve got a treat for you all. Yes I’m showing you exactly what I think of the useless male species, with a good ol’ ball busting session.

The slave couldn’t take much punishment from my thigh high leather stiletto boots and collapsed to the floor with disappointing speed.

However that didn’t let him off, I ordered him to spread his legs and continued punishing his pathetic male bollocks while he crouched on the floor

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Mistress Jezabel’s Dirty Stockings

Mistress Jezabel's dirty stocking

Mistress Jezabel’s dirty stockings

I’m the blonde and I’m vicious, I’m Mistress Jezabel and I’ve been having a long hard day on my feet at the Villa Domina, keeping an eye on my idiot slave and making sure he does the work.

Come here slave, my feet are tired, take my shoes off and massage them. Yes my stockings are very dirty and smelly, rub your nose on them.

Gooood boy. Sniff that rich footy aroma, rub your nose on my stocking toes. Oh what a dirty foot slut you are slave Andrew, you have no shame at all.

You must be punished for your depravity, a thwack around the head with my three foot shoe horn for you slave! Lie on the floor. On your back stupid! so I can cover your nose and mouth with my dirty feet.

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